Strategic Consulting sale to iABG

About strategic consulting

Strategic Consulting GmbH (StratCons) is a specialist in military and political studies.

About iABG

iABG was founded as a central analysis and testing organization for the aviation industry and the Ministry of Defense in 1961 as part of an initiative by the federal government. Today, it is a leading European technology and science service provider. iABG employs approximately 1,000 highly qualified employees at 12 locations in Germany and the EU.

opus forum sale to Kijiji (ebay)


Evaluation of multiple sales options with a on securing a partner with a large international network to leverage existing business.

Support of Opus Forum throughout the complete transaction process.

About opus forum

Opus Forum is one of the pioneers of the online local classifieds space in Germany and the leading company within its segment, paving the way for a large transition from print to online.

About eBay

eBay is the worlds largest online market place with currently more than 97 million active users. Founded in 1995, today goods worth $ 2000 are sold every second on the eBay platform. The company is publicly traded and currently has a market cap of more than $ 40 billions.

Econa acquisition of d&p

About econa

econa is an internet holding based in Berlin. The company operates a wide network of special interest websites focusing on the areas of technology, entertainment, travel and shopping such as, and

Navigon private placement to General Atlantic


Successful advisory for Navigon and its founders in a complicated sales process negotiating the transaction with one of the largest private equity investors. Support at all levels of the transaction process including a competitive bidding process.

About Navigon

Navigon is one of the pioneers in mobile and on board navigation. Navigon was founded in 1991 and is now one of the leading app-based navigation systems worldwide. In Europe, Navigon is the market leader within its segment.

About General Atlantic

With € 14 billion under management, General Atlantic is one of the largest and most prominent private equity investors in the world. General Atlantic was founded in 1980 and invests approximately € 1.5 billion annually. The individual investments are typically between € 40 and € 400 million.

Pebble series B funding through a Consortium of Investors


Advisory of a pool of different private investors within the framework of a capital increase.

About Pebble

Pebble Entertainment is an interactive video game and digital media hardware manufacturer. The company has sold video game accessories under their own brand "Kamikaze Gear" and "Modding Skin" since 2005. Their mission is to provide the most innovative and creative designed products which gives gamers an enhanced performance.

About Investors

A consortium of different private investors.

Navigon acquisition of undisclosed target

About Navigon

Navigon is one of the pioneers in the mobile and on board navigation space and was founded in 1991. Navigon has a strong presence in the app based mobile navigation market worldwide and is a market leader within Europe.

GFEH sale to syzygy


Sell-side advisory within the partial sale of 51% of the shares to a strategic buyer.

Considering the individual requirements of the seller.

Support during a structured transaction process.

About GFEH

The company is one of the leading German online marketing agencies. About 40 employees supervise advertising budgets of more than 40 million euros. A number of european top brands like Otto, Plus and Comdirect are customers of GFEH.

About Syzygy AG

Syzygy AG is an european agency group for interactive marketing with offices in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin and London. Syzygy is a WPP company. In 2008 the company generated a revenue of 31 million euros with more than 280 employees and managed media budgets of 80 million euros.

Modix private placement to Consortium of Investors

About Modix

Modix offers digital automotive marketing services to car dealers, OEMs and media groups. Modix handles 5,000 dealer accounts and more than 300,000 cars in live stock at any given time.

About Investors

A consortium of different private investors. sale of 75% to G+J


Advisory on a sell side process to open up further growth opportunities through partnering with a big publishing house.

Considering the highest possible fit between AG and the potential buyer.

About AG is the leading independent provider of online health programs and specialized services in Germany. Founded in 1999, the services have been subscribed by over 200,000 consumers till 2007.

About G+J

Gruner + Jahr GmbH & Co. KG is the largest European printing and publishing firm. Its headquarter is in Hamburg, Germany.